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If you’ve ever thought about transforming your yard into a luxurious extension of your home, a custom patio is the perfect way to do that. Patios are the ideal place to relax, enjoy a sunny day outside, entertain, cook and enjoy friends and family. If you enjoy having people over but are not really set up to do that, a new patio will go a long way toward creating a designated place to gather. Having a great patio creates unlimited opportunities for celebration, dining with friends, getting together for holidays and much more. And we can provide you with a lot of great information and advice on how to choose the right type for your needs.

When it comes to designing, engineering and building your patio, we are equipped with knowledge, experience and tools to build it right. We focus on  functional design, engineering directives, careful preparation, quality products, impact reduction and spotless clean up. Structures for commercial and industrial buildings are provided, including engineer’s design, manufacturing, erection and associated building work. We will guide you through each and every step and work within your time and budget limits.

Your patio package includes all the material (stone, bricks, gravel, concrete, sand, edging, and drainage), standard excavating, labor, and clean up.

Types of patios:

Backyard patios

Concrete patios

Paver patios

Sunroom patio

Patio enclosures

Considerations before planning, designing and building a patio include:

The Roof-it cc process of creating patios:

1. Designing the patio:

When designing and constructing a patio, we start with getting to know our customers: what their needs are and what they expect from our assistance. Our goal is to install the highest quality product (one that will last for many years) AND meet the customer’s needs.

2. Preparing for the construction of the patio

We take stock of the location, landscaping, problem areas and devise a plan to minimize impact to our client. Once we have determined the best process, we take careful measurements of the site and put our plan into action.

3. Roofing options for the patio

Our goal is provide our clients with the best quality roof possible whether, IBR, corrugated iron, steel tiles or clay tiles..

3. Gutters for the patio

After consulting with the customer we add gutters and guttering that will be functional and blend in with the design of the patio.

4. Making Life Easier while erecting the patio:

We work closely with our clients to determine the best times to work and any special accommodations that are required. Our crew arrives with everything they need an with the express goal of limiting their impact on our client’s lives.

5. Thorough Clean Up after the patio has been erected

After we have finished building the patio we clean up – leaving no trace behind us. Of course, except the new patio.

At Roof-it cc we guarantee our work:

The Roof-it cc Experience Guarantee

We have been in business for 20 years. Many of Roof-it cc installers have been with us for many years. These hard working folks are like part of the family. Because of this they take great pride in installing high quality products. Therefore, our customers can be sure that all workmanship is performed to the most current installation practices and specifications.

The Roof-it cc Quality Guarantee.

Every construction job is supervised to ensure a high level of quality control. And a warranty is provided for every carport we install – one that you can count on for years to come.

The Roof-it Workmanship Guarantee.

Our team members are skilled craftsmen who work for us all year round. They are trained to work with the materials they install at your home. The crew is led by an onsite crew leader who is a trained expert that will be on your job from start to finish. Every Roof-it team member who is in a position to perform an important task, or make a critical decision on your home, earned that position.

The Roof-it cc Satisfaction Guarantee

We specialize in patios to match the style of your home or business. With our qualified staff, and the quality materials we use, we ensure the job get's done right. We’ve worked hard over the years perfecting the construction experience and strive to make sure you enjoy the final results for years to come. And we have a very good after sales service. If you are unsatisfied with anything just contact us and we will sent our staff out as quickly as possible to rectify the situation.

The Roof-it Speed guarantee.

Final measurements is taken on site before any work is started. We deliver all material needed on site  to complete the patio (including structures manufactured in our factory beforehand) and our trained staff will erect roof structure as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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