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A garage is an excellent way to extend your home economically since it can just be added as an attachment or as a separate construction, as long as the area allows it. There are many advantages to adding a garage to your home such as providing space for your car and other possessions. Some families prefer to keep an extra space that can be used as a workshop, house gym or storage. Adding a garage also increases the property value and appeal of your house.

In garage construction, price varies greatly according to the size, structure, style, design, materials and other features. E.g. the price of a garage with a flat metal roof will necessarily differ from one with a 22.5 degrees tiled roof. A single garage will cost less than a double garage.

For the past 20 years Roof-it cc has been building quality garages to any size and specification for homeowners and businesses. Our mission remains to provide a high-quality product and reliable service at a competitive price for our customers.

At Roof-it cc we specialize in garage design, construction of new garages and add-ons to your current garage. We build all types of garages, big or small, attached or detached type, with a patio or none. Whatever is convenient for your residential area, we can do it for you..

And at Roof-it cc we know that good communication with your garage builder is a must! Good communication will both ensure that your new garage is built just the way you want it and in a manner that minimizes the inconvenience that comes with the construction of your new garage. When we build a garage, we handle everything: steel structures, concrete, carpentry, electric, clean up, etc.

Our plans and work may include (depending on your design and choices) the following:

Roof-it cc is a full service contractor and are not limited to the options listed above. Discuss your option with us to make your dream garage a reality.

At Roof-it cc we guarantee our work:

The Roof-it cc Experience Guarantee

We have years of experience behind us and has been in business for 20 years. Many of Roof-it cc installers have been with us for many years. These hard working people are like part of the family. Because of this they take great pride in installing high quality wendy houses. Therefore, our customers can be sure that all workmanship is performed to the most current installation practices and specifications.

The Roof-it cc Quality Guarantee.

Every construction job is supervised to ensure a high level of quality control. A new wendy house is an investments that you make in your home. Hence, a warranty is provided for every wendy house we install – one that you can count on for years to come.

The Roof-it Workmanship Guarantee.

Our crews are made of skilled craftsmen who work for us year round. They are led by an onsite crew leader who is a trained expert that will be on your job from start to finish. Every Roof-it team member who is in a position to perform an important task, or make a critical decision on your home, earned that position. Our crews are trained and certified to work with the materials they install.

The Roof-it cc Satisfaction Guarantee

We specialize in wendy houses that meet your needs and match the style of your home or business. With our qualified staff, and the quality materials we use, we ensure the job get's done right. We’ve worked hard over the years perfecting the construction experience and strive to make sure you enjoy the final results for years to come. And we have a very good after sales service. If you are unsatisfied with anything just contact us and we will sent our staff out as quickly as possible to rectify the situation.

The Roof-it Speed guarantee.

Final measurements is taken on site before any work is started. We deliver all material needed on site  to complete the wendy house (including structures manufactured in our factory beforehand) and our trained staff will erect wendy houses as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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