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A carport is the second most valuable addition to one’s home as it provides protection from the elements that can damage your automobile. A carport is a good place to wash your car in the summertime or clean out the interior. The cost of a carport is very low when compared to the price of constructing a new garage and offers a great range of styles. A carport can also be expandable by adding more roof area onto the end according to your requirements or budget. Some carports are even designed in such a way that they can be enclosed and converted into a garage should the need arise to do so.

At Roofit cc we offer an extensive range of quality products that we both manufacture and install. Our designs are aesthetically pleasing and can be adapted to satisfy specific client needs. And we don't compromise on quality as only A-grade steel is used. Our premium metal carports are the most durable option and provides the best protection for your vehicles. Steel carports require very little maintenance and therefore offers the highest quality and best value for money over the long-term. At Roof-it cc we offer the following product types of carports:

As far as the roofs of the carports are concerned, we offer the following (all with or without guttering and fascias):

Roof-it cc also offers DIY carport kits that you can erect yourself.

At Roof-it cc we guarantee our work:

The Roof-it cc Experience Guarantee

We have been in business for 20 years. Many of Roof-it cc installers have been with us for many years. These hard working folks are like part of the family. Because of this they take great pride in installing high quality products. Therefore, our customers can be sure that all workmanship is performed to the most current installation practices and specifications.

The Roof-it cc Quality Guarantee.

Every construction job is supervised to ensure a high level of quality control. And a warranty is provided for every carport we install – one that you can count on for years to come.

The Roof-it Workmanship Guarantee.

Our team members are skilled craftsmen who work for us all year round. They are trained to work with the materials they install at your home. The crew is led by an onsite crew leader who is a trained expert that will be on your job from start to finish. Every Roof-it team member who is in a position to perform an important task, or make a critical decision on your home, earned that position.

The Roof-it cc Satisfaction Guarantee

We specialize in carports to match the style of your home or business. With our qualified staff, and the quality materials we use, we ensure the job get's done right. We’ve worked hard over the years perfecting the construction experience and strive to make sure you enjoy the final results for years to come. And we have a very good after sales service. If you are unsatisfied with anything just contact us and we will sent our staff out as quickly as possible to rectify the situation.

The Roof-it Speed guarantee.

Final measurements is taken on site before any work is started. We deliver all material needed on site to complete carport (including structures manufactured in our factory beforehand) and our trained staff will erect roof structure as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Things to keep in mind when building your carport

The first thing to be considered is the material you would like to use, as several choices are available, from metal and wood to aluminum and steel-and-glass designs. Metal is generally the best option for building a carport, as it is resistant to a lot of climatic conditions. And seeing as the carport will be open on numerous sides, the heat from the metal won’t be as big a problem as it will be in the case of a fully-enclosed garage.

Additional touches for a carport

With some creativity, your carport can become so much more than a mere parking spot for your vehicle. Why not add a few décor pieces to make it stand out more, such as flowerpots in and around it to help it blend in with your garden? Trees around the carport not only add to the design, but also increase shading – a crucial factor in South Africa’s harsh climate.

You might also want to consider artificial lighting fixtures for night-time; these lights will not only enhance the beauty of your carport’s design, but also improve visibility, not to mention safety.

For flooring, choose materials that not only match your carport’s design, but also your house’s façade. A variety of tiles are available that match your home’s design and to blend in with your yard/garden. Cement plastering, ceramics and gravel are other popular choices. The choice of material for a carport’s floor needs to be non-slippery, be powerful enough to hold heavy loads, and be resistant to harsh weather. Remember to include water lines or some sort of drainage for when you will be washing your car in the carport, helping to channel water directly into the gutter.


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